About This Blog

Officially, this blog was established since February 2009.

This blog contain random stuff, but mostly this blog tells you about my life, my feeling, and my emotion. I don’t really like to copy and paste any academic and religious article from other web except I will elaborate and explain the article by my own words. I’m sorry if there are any mistakes that I have made.

Why I Choose meowingcat91 As This Blog's Name?

cat : Of course, I really love cats and kittens. They are too cute and unique. It is difficult for me to explain how fanatic I am towards cats and kittens. Meow =3

meowing : refer to what I wanted to story and write in this blog. Cats will always meowing when they wanted to tell something right? Meow =3

91 : My birth year - 1991

This blog only updated when I have mood to writing. I really appreciate when you are following this blog and I will follow your blog back. To get updates about this blog, click on this label - TINTA ADMIN

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