Saturday, January 29, 2011


minta maaf sebab lama x blogwalking...maybe busy kot..ntah la,
insyaAllah jejak2 korang akn dibalas...(bergantung kepada mood).. =)

(Mood broken English pulak..ske hati korang la nak gelak sebab broken..but at least i'm trying ok?)

This year, I want to be a different person. It will never be the same than before this. I'm 20 years old this year.....I'm not a teenager anymore. I need to change and not be a childish person anymore. I really need spirits and supports from myself and everyone around me. Pray for me. Hopefully, all my wishes for this year will become true. Amin...Ya Rabbal Alamin...

Yes, I know that I'm week in Arabic Language. So, I need to improve my vocabulary. I'm pretty sure that all of you realize that before this post, there are 2 post about music in Arabic Language. Yes, in this month (January 2011), I keep listening to Arabic songs. I felt entertained and it made me really want to search(google) for its meaning. Because of this, I keep improving my Arabic vocab even in Ammiyah Arabic(not Fasohah). But, who cares? Right? Moreover, my younger brother is currently studying in Dentistry at Al-Azhar University,Cairo,Egypt. So, I can imagine what he always talking about and what kind of Arabic he use to communicate there.

I love English Language and like to speak in English (even in broken English) because of music too. When we get entertained from the songs, we become more interested to learn the language from the song. I'm not interested in formality such as reading books and article. How bored it is when we just sit and read.

Early in this year, I've made the biggest sacrify in my life. I never thought that I'm going to make it. But, because of my aunt always motivate and support me and Alhamdulillah ,I realized that there is little bit change in myself. Even my friends told me that I'm look different than before. And I'm happy to hear it. InsyaAllah, I will continue it and I strongly believe that ISTIQAMAH IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS.
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